4 Common Methods to Destroy Hard Disk Drives

Hard drives are sometimes destroyed to make the data stored unreadable. There are proper and wrong ways to destroy hard disk drives. Common methods of hard disk drive destruction include degaussing, shredding, disintegration, and mangling or crushing.


This term is often mentioned in data wiping. It wipes data off disks by passing the hard drives in magnetic fields or electromagnetic pulses in a closed chamber. Hard disk degaussing can be effective but it's not always a perfect method because demagnetization may not reach every platter or all parts. Thus, a two-step process of destruction is strongly recommended. In addition, degaussing chambers are expensive and usually require special training, which makes it out of reach for small to mid-size firms. Learn more about  degausser hard drive, go here. 


Like paper shredders in the office that rip paper into shreds, a hard drive shredder has strong blades that rip hard drives into tiny shreds that it's virtually impossible to piece the shreds back together. While a hard drive shredder can destroy many different drive sizes and types, from a single one to several thousand at a go, it's usually heavy, bulky and requires consistent AC power source to operate. Depending on the kind, a shredder can be used to destroy hard drives, electronic organizers, smartphones, PDAs and other storage media. They're definitely unsuitable for office environments. Find out for further details right here  protondata.com


Used by organizations that handle highly confidential information, disintegrators have a rotary knife and conveyor belt that helps rip hard disks into tiny unrecognizable pieces that are impossible to join back together. While very efficient, disintegrators are heavy and bulky too, and need special reliable AC power supply to operate. They also can require ventilation outside the building, which will more than likely be controlled by local, state or federal authorities. Similar to shredders, disintegrators are certainly not suitable for office use.


This method is extremely cost-effective for small and mid-size firms that can't afford to buy or lease expensive hard disk shredders and degaussers.

Manglers/crushers destroy hard drives through the use of immense pressure that crushes the chassis and mangles the platter, leaving the hard drive pretty much unreadable. Crushers/manglers are available either as manually or electrically-powered.

Hand-driven devices come with a handle that's hydraulically operated to make a strong steel plate crush the chassis and drive. Some crushers may be loaded with 1-2 drives at a go, depending on your firm's needs and don't need much training to run. In contrast, electrically-powered manglers can be dearer and may require a bit of maintenance and little physical interaction. Both varieties come with chambers that allow safe use and are fully enclosed in a casing. There are even small sizes that can suit a desktop. Take a look at this link  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Shredder for more information.